Rainy Day Picture: Day 2

October 16, 7:11 am

In the shelter at the bus stop, my wet tire tracks cut through shadows cast by an outside light shining through the decorative glass.

Rain thoughts for today: Taking pictures of rain is fine, but I experience rain more with my other senses.

I wake up and hear it pounding on the roof and flowing through the gutters, sounds that bring mixed feelings of soothing and sometimes dread, if I intend to ride that day.

Riding my bike, I feel cool drops soak into my pants, run down my face, and eventually slosh around in my shoes. Some days not a square inch of me escapes the chilly tickle of rain’s damp fingers.

Sometimes I smell the scent of damp just before the rain starts, a special smell of freshness that I particularly like. Continue Reading >>

It Hasn’t Rained

Which, in the Pacific Northwest in October, is saying something. The forecast calls for that to change tomorrow, but here are a couple not-rainy pictures. I actually prefer fall and winter for photography around here, because the air is so clean and crisp on clear days that the mountains look right up close.

On Thursday afternoon I represented my company at a job fair at the UW. We finished just as the sun started setting.
It’s hard to snap a shot from a moving bus window that really captures how pretty the lakes can be in the morning.
I rode home “the long way” on Wednesday and enjoyed the sunset – but not so much my frozen toes.

New Season Wardrobe Adventures

Fall has arrived with a vengeance the last couple days, bringing some rain and much cooler temperatures. Every time we have a significant season change, I have to dig through and find all my bike clothes for that weather. I always have a few rides near the beginning of the season when I completely miss with my outfit choices.

This week I’m two for two on the wrong clothes for the conditions.

Monday I wore a rain jacket and ended up dripping sweat as I rode through the dry, warm conditions with a nice tailwind. Continue Reading >>

Rain Pictures

Starting this month, I’m going to try to take and post a picture of rain every day it rains between now and the end of the year. I hope this will help me appreciate the changing season and find the beauty in it.

Monday, October 7, 9:05 pm

A rain drop falls in front of the camera as the flash goes off.

Tuesday, October 8, 7:15 am

Raindrops on the sign at the bus stop.

New Computer Woes: Update

As of last post, my boss has swooped in on Monday afternoon and got source control working, albeit only in Visual Studio.

It worked all day Tuesday. I had a slightly flurried exit from work, so I left a little work on my local machine, not checked in to source control.

Naturally, when I arrived at work on Wednesday, source control had broken again. The server folders had vanished from Visual Studio and, long story short, I couldn’t do any work until I fixed it. Again.

I cried.

Facing yet another day of TFS travail broke me for a minute. Continue Reading >>

New Computer Woes

I know, “woes”? Who pairs “new computer” with “woes”?!

Normally I wouldn’t pair those two words myself (although, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve become less keen on adopting new technology and much more keen on keeping my functional, familiar technology running as long as possible). But the last few days have convinced me to avoid getting a new work computer for as long as possible in the future, and that’s driving my unusual pairing of new technology with sorrow, misery, and anguish. Continue Reading >>


On my commuter bike, I currently run Compass Stampede Pass tires with tan sidewalls. Besides looking pretty slick, they feel and handle great, and 99% of the time I love them.

The big downside: Flats. Because they are supple and light, they are prone to flats. And the tires have a really tight bead with my rims, making it very hard to get them off and on. In fact, the last four times I’ve flatted, I didn’t even try to repair it myself. I just went to the nearest bike shop.

Notice how I said “the last four times”? Well, three of those happened in the last week, and two of them happened yesterday. Continue Reading >>