Alright, I admit that I’m not actually in River City, but there is some trouble here in Worcester. Namely, AIM continues to give me trouble with my kfergos account. By trouble I mean that I have forgotten my password (OK, that is my fault), but AOL will not email it to me. Strange but true.

Today is Luke’s Birthday – HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUKE! – assuming he reads this. Big assumption, but there it is. The plan is for me to make him a homemade dinner, but I’m completely at a loss as to what he would like. Personally I may be in the mood for pancakes & bacon, but some people feel that’s a little strange for dinner. Spaghetti is another easy alternative, though we actually had it last night…

Yesterday was that terrific rainstorm. I didn’t particularly like getting wet, but worse to me was the fact that I didn’t have anywhere to go to get dry. First I went to Huges, but Kristin and Jos were gone; then out into the rain to Dana, but Lesley hadn’t returned from class yet; then to Sackler, but by then I was so wet I couldn’t sit down; so to the UC for no apparent reason… Ernie couldn’t take me home to dry off, so I was stuck. Finally I did see Kristin and Jos for a while, but by then I had gotten so soaked that I couldn’t even sit down without getting wetter. Waiting for the shuttle a nice prof let me stand under his umbrella – I wonder what his name is? The roads were flooded on the shuttle ride home, too, but that didn’t stop our driver (only made him 15 mins late). I doubt I’ll forget that rainstorm for some time.

I got to talk to my FiL last night for a time while we waited for Ian to get home. It was kind of awkward, but not really – and to tell the truth when he said, “Hi this is your father-in-law” I was kind of creeped out. There was a momentary I’M TOO YOUNG FOR THIS reaction, but I realized I’m not and I am indeed married. Cool! 🙂 Also I got a nice long email from my MiL after having sadly neglected such communications, so I feel much better about that. It can be a lot of work being so far away from both my families.

I *think* that thanks to a suggestion of Eric’s we have both links in the blog text and Comments sections working. Try it out and let me know!

– KF –

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