The day was good. I got to hang out with Lesley after her class; she’s one cool girl, so that’s always a good time. Sadly, I can’t say a lot more happened. I waited around at Clark for 5 hours to meet with my advisor, and when we met his first words were, “I’ve got some bad news for you…” The bad news turned out to be that part-time professors apparently aren’t allowed to advise students, and he only teaches one class here at Clark. But I want to do journalism, and our interests match well so he’d be a great advisor! Die, Clark bureaucracy! Anyway, I think I’ll keep talking to him occasionally because I think he’ll be more helpful than any normal English prof advisor I could get. I’m going to take Mom’s advice and stop talking now – cause I don’t have anything nice to say about Clark currently.

Here’s a weird thought… what if we could speed up time at will? Would you go to sleep, and never wake up? If you did, what would everybody else have experienced? Would you be young and they old, or would you just go through everything as if you were in a fast-forwarded movie?

Though for a good laugh try this link.

– KF –

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