Piers Anthony sounds like a grudge-holding jerk.

Cool and overcast makes a Seattlite happy.

As I sought for meaning Christ found me and showed me the way to true joy.

A powerful wooden horse is nothing compared to a steamroller.

Sometimes the silliest photographs are the most loved.

“You” isn’t what you look like, it’s who you act like.

Fountain pens are the only pen to use unless it’s raining.

Free time is a boon; too much free time is a bane.

Logic is an idea the illogical despise for lack of understanding.

Clever phrases never saved a soul. Neither did the Gospel Walnut.

I’ve spent too much time alone in the last two weeks.

There’s a difference between a 4-digit, all-number pin and an 8-digit some letters, some numbers password – ease of guessing.

Hands-on geology is far more interesting and helpful than esoteric expostulation.

Interestingly, I saw only Lesley today briefly, but am not bothered.

Only breakfast makes you hungry by afternoon.

I have to go back to Clark tomorrow – where’s the justice?

I’m going to stop now.

– KF –

6 thoughts on “Thoughts

  1. Piers Anthony is absolutely a grudge-holding jerk, as often men who stand by their integrity and refuse to allow wrongdoing to them and their loved ones have to be. He will be bullheaded and pursue what he feels is right, even until no one else but him is satisifed. But he’s found an anchor to live by, his integrity and truth, while most of us kids spend our days floundering in our own lives, searching for purchase. We should feel envious.

  2. Only people who are looking for an anchor in themselves need to behave as Piers Anthony does. However I happen to know the true source of right which doesn’t require one to be bullheaded *or* obnoxious.

  3. ” However I happen to know the true source of right which doesn’t require one to be bullheaded *or* obnoxious.”

    Some might call that an ironic statement.

    I fail to see why believing in your own strong moral code and acting along it, and in accordance with your own personality, indicates that he’s searching for anything. His bullheadness derives from his strong feeling of justice, not from any need to be unnecessarily nasty. And I have a funny feeling that if someone, say, was trying to get you to renounce Christianity or cheat on your husband, you would become rather bullheaded and obnoxious too. You act as you feel is right, and so does Piers Anthony.

  4. Come come, we all know fountain pens are the best pens ever invented.

    Also, Piers Anthony goes out of his way to pick fights with people and seems proud of it. He won’t a matter drop until HE has won, and he holds grudges forever. Those are not the actions of a person simply defending what they believe to be right.

  5. He never goes out of his way to pick fights with anyone, he only reacts to what someone does to him or his family, and once that happens then he makes sure it will never happen again. If “not trusting someone who tried to cheat him badly anymore” counts as “holding a grudge”, well then I think holding a grudge is perfectly reasonable. I’m betting you’d hold a grudge against the person I used in my last post.

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