I guess life is back to normal – I don’t get any mail, phone calls, emails, or IM’s. I love how I’m so accessable, yet nobody cares to access me! Though I think maybe Mom doesn’t send me mail any more because I borrowed about $50 worth of stamps when I came back here to Worcester.

You know what is icky? Hands! Especially unwashed hands. When you think about how many people pick their noses, scratch their rears (or other things), sneeze onto their hands, and then handle doorknobs, writing utensils, bannisters, and other public objects… well, it gets downright scary. Cause then when I touch that doorknob or bannister I may as well be touching everything they’ve touched, plus whatever they picked up from random strangers off other public objects. Not a subject worth dwelling on, frankly: it’s disgusting and will make you want to compulsively wash your hands. Aforesaid washing is good in moderation but painful in excess.

My ex-advisor said that I used too many archaic words in a story I’m going to submit to the Atlantic Monthly–he said it made the story sound stilted. Does that mean that I’m stilted? I think in these words; I use them easily and with fluency. Why should I be penalized for writing in a natural way? I suppose that’s the course of things: make all writing easier to read so that people enjoy it. After all, nobody would read to expand one’s vocabulary, or for the general interest of a subject despite difficulty! Nope, make things easy and people will like you.

I just finished taking my Geology exam. After studying so hard and making those 80+ notecards, I sure hope I did well. Usually I have this great feeling with an exam (except for chemistry) where I feel like I got every last question right… and then I get it back. Ouch. Anyway this one went alright, though she asked us to define “volcanic,” and that was such a broad question I was unsure what she wanted. Somebody asked and she gave her typical vague, confusing answer. Hopefully my random expostulation gets at least partial credit. But overall I didn’t find it too difficult, and I knew at least part of how to answer every quetion. How is conglomerate rock formed?

Now I only have this one exam left, and I’m so miffed with it! That math prof, why oh why should we have to take an exam at SIX O’CLOCK in the evening?! Granted it gives me all day to study, but who needs that? It’s starting with natural numbers and going aaaalllll the way through how to graph a straight line. He spent all last class about how to graph a line on your calculator; he’s also talked about how to use the Quadratic Formula, the point-slope formula, and how to calculate the area of Massachussets compared to 1 million square acres (incidentally that’s about the size of Rhode Island).

Now I realized I’m writing forever, and saying nothing. Happily I’m in Kristin and Jos’s room hangin out with Kristin! First time in like 2 weeks! Anyway, I’m rooting for the Twins, cause frankly the Mariners disappointed this year. Only team worse than them was the Devil Rays! 😮

– KF –

6 thoughts on “Still No Mail

  1. Ah, but you don’t ever know what you got sick from. Maybe it WAS that doorknob you touched before eating a sandwitch. Or maybe it was the freak with the pneumatic cough sitting next to you.

  2. hey, sorry I didn’t get a chance to talk to you yesterday. I was out, because I couldn’t stand being at home (something this definitely coming between me and my computer).

    Now you see what I mean… you start thinking about all the germs that are on everything, everything you breathe in, and you start freaking out. This is why I don’t touch paper towel despensers and even occasionally won’t touch doors. No, I’m not OCD, I’m careful…

    What archaic words were they?

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