Marine Bio drags on as usual, randomly. Yet Topics in 19th and 20th Century Architecture overshadows it by far, stretching a good 2 hours in length, requiring prodigious amounts of reading, and intimidating me already. Rather like some of the 50,000,000,000 slides he showed this lecture. Good thing it’s only 7 weeks long.

Also I now realize that I am disadvantaged because I have no access to myWPI where he will post all future important information. Drat.

– KF –

Let’s Think For A Moment

On the shuttle ride to Clark today I saw a sign pasted to the back of a roadsign. It shouted, BIOTECH FOODS – UNLABELED, UNTESTED, AND IN YOUR NEXT MEAL! I thought about that for a while and decided that in truth the sign didn’t actually mean anything. The group that put it up obviously has an objection to bioengineered foods, and they wish to gain converts to their cause. Yet how do they do this? Try to terrify the general public into mindless hate by posting meaningless but scary-sounding signs (that link isn’t them, specifically, just a couple of many you might find). Continue Reading >>

Life in this Universe

Yes, it’s that time again: the time when all 3 of my professors put their evil scheming heads together and decide to have all our exams within four school days of each other. One tomorrow, one on November 4th, one on November 5th. I realize that this is a handy amount of material to test on, since in that time you can cover two (or, if you are my Geology professor, five) chapters. I can hardly complain; after all, I do alright on the exams, and my only pressure is to get an A on my Math exam to make up for my dismal performance on the last one. I have gotten 100% on all our quizzes also, so hopefully that will help. Continue Reading >>

We’re playing around with some stuff (if you’re EE or CS you’ll like that link) on this site… Right now it’s just the color of my links & color of our comments boxes. Check both out, and while you’re there maybe you want to make a comment!

– KF –


Wow, life is good. Today was 50 degrees and sunny, a lovely change after the *ahem* snow of earlier this week. The leaves are all in the last stages of falling and color-changing so the ground is coated sometimes past my ankle with bright, crunchy leaves. Ian and I went for a walk into the ‘burbs for over an hour, finding a lovely little house for sale; I estimate it would sell for between $150,000 and $250,000 – unimaginably cheap at home, but pretty standard around here. We dreamed about it for a bit, then came back down to earth. Continue Reading >>

Long Day = Short Blog

Funny how even just 3 days of class drains a body. Have been working lots & sleeping very poorly, much to Ian’s consternation. I have to edit a couple things and then will be able to submit my internship app to the Seattle Times; I couldn’t find anything about internships on the King County Journal’s site so I emailed the head of the HR department, who replied saying she forwarded my inquiry to an editor. Hopefully somebody I contact will be interested. Please, God. Had a worse-than-normal friend sighting week: only met with Lesley once for lunch, and she was it. I miss having friends; I do hear rumors of Kristin and Jos visiting on Sunday, but I try not to get my hopes up too much. Such good things don’t happen to me. Continue Reading >>