Ryan has just sent me his web page, and out of deference to him I will attempt to aid in his search by putting its link here. If you feel you match all his criteria, drop him a line – and best of luck! 😉

My Marine Bio class is turning into what would commonly be thought of as “A lot of work.” I am not a fan of her plan involving assigning us a heavy-duty scientific paper to write and making it due exactly 7 days later. Also I fear I have put off my Geology paper until the last minute, so both papers must be written in a chruch. Foolish of me; a month felt like such a long time, but it has flown by rapidly and now it’s October 2nd. That means I have 12 days to write Geology and, as mentioned above, exactly one week to complete my Marine Biology. I’m not looking forward to analyzing our “data” (ie, 10% Fucus coverage in quadrat 15…) or trying to graph it. Something about a kite graph…?

I just looked online for a kite graph, with zero success. That, and the fact Excel won’t graph that type, tell me that she’s unreasonable in requesting we make this type of graph. Also the fact that none of the class has ever heard of a kite graph seems to tell me that perhaps we should pass on this requirement for now. Something tells me, however, that instead of complaining and wasting time I ought to just start doing the work involved. Not fun, but a necessary evil if I want to get my valuable “college education.”

– KF –

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