Ian is at Game. I can’t stand Game. This is an old and ongoing problem about which I feel mostly calm but somewhat resentful still. *Pain* It’s completely illogical but I can’t stand the thought… So I’m trying to do my math and feel calm. Not angry, not resentful, not hurt – calm because I love Ian even when he’s gone doing Game, and I will show him that when he gets home at midnight (not like that!!).

I wrote these down a couple days ago. Here they are, just some thoughts to roll around in your head:

What if all this world is my imagination? What if I am actually locked in a padded room and am just escaping into delusions? Is it possible to construct such a complex world in one’s mind? If I were to make this world mentally, would I not make it as perfect as possible, peopling it with all friends? My world would be intelligent. Logical… yet the world is logical, for our Creator is infinitely more wonderful and logical than I. Fair…only I am limited and cannot see the Grand Plan. Now I’m realizing that, however unhappy I may be – and that is unhappy, sometimes – everything comes back to my faith in God. However dark things seem, I know there is a greater plan and that I have a part in it. Not forever will sorrow fill my life, for the Lord is good to those who love Him.

From the Random Slogan Generator: This Is Not Your Father’s Marriage. Don’t Get Mad, Get Marriage. Kids Will Do Anything for Marriage. Things Happen After a Marriage.

– KF –

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