Significance Is Mine!

Thank you all for participating in my study – and if you didn’t, why not?! Incidentally, I would like a few more males (I have 14 males versus 31 females) to fill it out. So if you’re male and didn’t do my survey that I posted on the 5th, could you please do so now?

The tentative results: I did a Student’s T-Test for two different things. Bear in mind that the Student’s T-Test only indicates how likely are to be random, not whether they are actually true or not. 1) Comparing people who taught themselves to type and those who didn’t; and 2) Seeing if there was a difference between male and female computer affinity. The results: 1) P-value of 0.018, meaning there’s a 98.2% chance that my results are not random; 2) P-value of 0.000407. Happily, these results are “very significant,” meaning that people who taught themselves to type are actually more likely to have high computer affinities and that males are more likely to have high computer affinity than females are. In fact, males had a mean computer affinity of 27.067 and females had a mean affinity of 13.375; the range could go from -4 to 40 in terms of affinity. I did not ever define point above which you have high affinity or below which you have low affinity, namely because for the most part it was inherently obvious. Continue Reading >>

Time for a little generosity here…

All I can think about is this Celine Dion song “A New Day Has Come,” or whatever it’s actually rightly called. It won’t get out of my head whatever I do – cruel, cruel world. Happily though I didn’t even come close to falling asleep in math because he taught us how to graph this thing on my calculator I’d never even heard of before. I was rather impressed and thought it was a very neat trick. Speaking of a neat trick, if you’ve got about $90 sitting around, how bout buying me a new TI-82? Mine is on its last leg, though it has served me well for 6 years or so, and served somebody else well for years before that. I got it free from the Lost and Found at BCS a long time ago. The problem is one becomes so attached to things like this: my precious calculator has been through a lot with me here, and how could I think of replacing it? Continue Reading >>