Man was made to be in relationships with other people because we were made in God’s image. He is always in communion with his Son and Spirit. In the same way He has given us this longing to love others, to truly know each other deeply and truly. Those people who close themselves or are for other reasons not given the opportunity to have those loving and honest relationships therefore are not whole people. Human contact is a necessity, for just as the best-cared for but unloved babies die, so we will fade away without human relationships. They are not as God designed us to be, and that causes people to seek ways of dulling the pain. Alcohol dulls it. Drugs hide it. Knives block it. Casual sex postpones it. Exercising control deceives us. But in our hearts we know that life is not right, and that something is missing until Christ fills it.

And even then, a life without human contact is no life at all but a pale, sorry shadow of the truth of existence.

As a side note, the shuttle doesn’t run today because Columbus apparently discovered the New World today – how to verify that, I’m not so sure… Anyway, after a harried breathless scramble to Clark everything went well. Lunch with Kristin, Casey, and Kate made my day; class was easy, and dinner turned out well. Even got to talk to Jess while she was in class. Warmer yet fall weather makes you remember why people love New England.

– KF –

3 thoughts on “What did God mean?

  1. Why, what’s wrong with absolutism? The most ironic thing about people who want others to be tolerant of every view is that usually they themselves aren’t tolerant of people’s intolerance.

  2. Well, fair enough, I’ve actually went up to an open mike in front of hundreds of people and said that exact thing, so I’ll retract my statement, my apologies. I’d still like to register my disagreement, though.

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