Life’s Tough Out Here!

Boy, I never realized what a lot of maintainance an apartment would require! First we put in 3 straight days of backbreaking cleaning (think: me in deep dark corners sweating to stick down covering on our ugly plywood shelving) in August; continual cleaning up after The Boys; and this week alone we’ve cleaned up from a dropped pickle jar (me mopping the kitchen; it seemed muddier after I did that than before, raising questions of the floor’s actual composition), chipped out the freezer in an effort equal to an arctic expedition; and now our toilet remained persistently clogged (envision Ian laboring away with a tiny plunger and a waterfall to rival Niagra coming over the edge). Happily we have found ourselves equal to all these challenges, and we’re still able to find energy to feed ourselves! Continue Reading >>


First snowy day of the year – mark it – October 23rd, though Kristin said it snowed at 7:30 yesterday morning, nobody else I know was up to verify that. Peoples’ reactions have been quite varied; I entered the shuttle this morning after 10 minutes of shoulder-hunched waiting, said “Good morning!” as usual, and Bob the driver growled, “What’s good about it?!” On the other hand, many people seem enthusiastic about winter’s onset judging from the number of away messages of this type: “SNOW! :D” As for myself, I don’t mind either way just so long as our hill remains walkable and I find my lost favorite pair of gloves (hunch: I may have left them on the shuttle where I leave everything important). Continue Reading >>