First snowy day of the year – mark it – October 23rd, though Kristin said it snowed at 7:30 yesterday morning, nobody else I know was up to verify that. Peoples’ reactions have been quite varied; I entered the shuttle this morning after 10 minutes of shoulder-hunched waiting, said “Good morning!” as usual, and Bob the driver growled, “What’s good about it?!” On the other hand, many people seem enthusiastic about winter’s onset judging from the number of away messages of this type: “SNOW! :D” As for myself, I don’t mind either way just so long as our hill remains walkable and I find my lost favorite pair of gloves (hunch: I may have left them on the shuttle where I leave everything important).

Class let out at 11:15 today. Eleven fifteen, and it officially ends at 11:40! -for you math people, that’s not 40 factorial, but an exclamation of surprise. She asked, “Would anybody mind if we broke early?” and the entire class started chuckling because it was so unexpected. I’m all for that, especially since we have an exam next Tuesday and I’d be happy to have the extra time to…er…goof off, I suppose. I have to meet with my new advisor later today anyway, so really most of my time is somewhat wasted. Who said I was a responsible adult, anyway?

I need practice editing writing, people! If you have anything you’re writing that needs a critical (in-training) editor, send it to me – I like doing it and people seem to get A’s when I edit their papers. Hmmmmm. Speaking of editing, I’m applying for an internship right now at the Seattle Times. I lucked out last night running across mention of it on their site: lucked indeed, because the application deadline is November 1st for next summer’s internships. Wish me luck, and send me those papers you’re writing!

As a thrilling side note, my Marine Biology professor told us that the softball team she played on called themselves the Broadcast Spawners. Some people are just sick.

– KF –

2 thoughts on “Snow.

  1. Wow, snow already. I know your thousands of miles from home, but snow in October is kinda’ cool! (I personally like snow, though it’s probably because it’s such a rarity and special occasion over here)

  2. Yeah, snow at home is so exciting! But here we know it will hang around for months & months, so we like to have it stay away as long as possible.

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