Funny how even just 3 days of class drains a body. Have been working lots & sleeping very poorly, much to Ian’s consternation. I have to edit a couple things and then will be able to submit my internship app to the Seattle Times; I couldn’t find anything about internships on the King County Journal’s site so I emailed the head of the HR department, who replied saying she forwarded my inquiry to an editor. Hopefully somebody I contact will be interested. Please, God. Had a worse-than-normal friend sighting week: only met with Lesley once for lunch, and she was it. I miss having friends; I do hear rumors of Kristin and Jos visiting on Sunday, but I try not to get my hopes up too much. Such good things don’t happen to me.

Vangie and I beat Luke and Ian at Risk by being girls: we split the board in half, agreed to never attach each other, and conquered – also flummoxing Luke to no end. He couldn’t understand why she let me have all of Europe, Africa, and South America, and why I didn’t try to take Asia or Australia or her water colonies. The power of being a girl is we’re happy to share, so actually winning is less of a priority. I think Luke’s brain nearly exploded trying to get it. Ian wisely kept his peace and said nothing.

– KF –

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