Wow, life is good. Today was 50 degrees and sunny, a lovely change after the *ahem* snow of earlier this week. The leaves are all in the last stages of falling and color-changing so the ground is coated sometimes past my ankle with bright, crunchy leaves. Ian and I went for a walk into the ‘burbs for over an hour, finding a lovely little house for sale; I estimate it would sell for between $150,000 and $250,000 – unimaginably cheap at home, but pretty standard around here. We dreamed about it for a bit, then came back down to earth.

Though I spent a long time studying, too, this walk really does perk up my day. It was relaxing and invigourating to be outside for a change, and also to realize that we used the day well, surely one of the few gorgeous days left in this fall. Sometimes I get a glimpse of why people like it so much here.

– KF –

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  1. Hi Guys, Just found out about this web sight from your Mom,itis great and I will now be checking up on your life and doings,Love Grandma,Jane

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