What to Do With Ridgeway?

“Hiding the bodies was the hardest part, he complained to prosecutors. ‘I had to take them all the way out there, waste of my time and gas,’ he said. It ‘was a big burden. Took the time away from killing.’ ” –Gary Ridgeway, Green River killer. The question this blog addresses is: should this man be put to death for his crimes, or not? I am interested in your comments and thoughts, so please do leave them.

Facts of the case: Since childhood, Gary Rideway has had a fascination with hurting people and as a 15-year-old, out of the blue he stabbed a young boy in the liver. Since then Ridgeway has killed at least 48 women starting the early 1980’s, possibly more beginning in the 1970’s (he can’t specify when or how many); he has killed so many prostitutes, in fact, he cannot remember how many bodies he has hidden or where they are. Indeed, he is quoted in the Seattle Times as saying, “I killed so many women I have a hard time keeping them straight,” and in fact investigators are still not sure they have found all the bodies of his victims. He has “utilized” their skills before killing them, gaining confidence with the women by promising them various things – often higher rates than they asked. Then, after sex, he “methodically strangled them” because shooting or knives was too messy. Sometimes after he murdered and hid the bodies, he would return to copulate with the corpses. He assiduously honed his skills to the point of leaving false evidence for investigators, changing his car tires, clipping victims’ fingernails if they scratched him, and even pouring battery acid on his arm to cover fingernail cuts. Finally, he has felt quite proud of himself for going all this time uncaught: and he anticipated the day he would have the opportunity to tell the world about his exploits. Continue Reading >>