It’s no secret that I am a Christ-follower. I believe all the essentials of the faith – that Jesus Christ is the Son of God who came to earth and died for our sins, rising on the third day. I wish I could say correctly that Christians are a united group, all espousing the exact same tenets and presenting the world a cohesive face. Sadly, I cannot make any such claim. Frankly, I can’t count how many different offshoots of Christianity have sprung up in the 2,000 years since Christ lived here. I did a quick web search and came up with a few sites: Episcopal, Baptist, Christian and Missionary Alliance (especially close to my heart), Pentecostal, numerous nondenominational, and of course a page about the Catholic Church. The site that I really found interesting, however, was one that Mom sent me in an email this morning: maintained by the Tabernacle Baptist Church in Lubbock, Texas, it maintains a special page on why Jesus Christ Superstar is blasphemous. The site makes such claims as – to paraphrase – the idea of seeing Jesus’s life through Judas’s eyes is just like seeing Jesus’s life through the “eyes of the devil himself.” They claim Judas was an anti-Christ and possibly the Anti-Christ. They state that Jesus Christ Superstar is “rotten to the core,” that the writers thereof were not Christians and therefore did not properly (respectfully) present the Gospel, and the list goes on.

Here’s the problem I have: they make many ridiculous statements, purport many outrageous and patently crazy ideas – and mix it with a tiny bit of truth. As I read that site, all I could think was “It’s Christians like that who make people distrust Christians like me.” Now, I don’t believe some of the material espoused on their site as a whole, and frankly it frustrates me that this type of material should bias nonbelievers against all Christians. An example: last year I had several talks with a non-Christian friend who, due to unfortuante encounters earlier in life with Catholicism, could not fathom or accept the somehwat more liberal Christianity I have been taught. The previous experience completely closed him off from reconsidering Christianity, even a less conservative Christianity than he had known before. The Jesus Christ Superstar site strikes me in somewhat a similar vein, acting to simply confirm the prejudice of Christians as closed-minded, ultra-conservative, judgmental, and so forth.

I guess what I am really disappointed with is the general stereotyping that people do daily. You can’t get away from it, even at liberal Clark. It’s so common in our society – in the world – that we don’t even think about it. How to get away from stereotyping when we do it so unconsciously that it doesn’t even register in our minds? I don’t know.

As a quick note about life, nothing has happened. I am hoping to see the Matrix Revolutions, as everybody around me has seen it and I’m feeling very behind-the times. Also, it is rotten on Rotten Tomatoes, and IMDb gives it fairly bad reviews too. I’m eager to have the opportunity to make up my own mind. Ian has surmised that it’s most likely my motherboard that has caused all the computer trouble I had, because some typical motherboard-errors happened when he tried to underclock my CPU (If you think you know why underclocking a CPU would cause it to bluescreen and had a CMOS checksum error, feel free to let me know). We’re debating about the value of buying a brand-new motherboard for me, that could be upgraded int he future, or a motherboard identical to the one I have – old, but no trouble of reinstalling Windows. In desperation we have ordered a $3 water pitcher from because apparently nobody back here sells such. Backwards easterners. Finally, both of us have tons of work to do & haven’t gone to Price Chopper in so long we have begun resorting to eating our own socks for nutrients.

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3 thoughts on “It’s People Like You…

  1. I know what you mean about stereotyping. Here’s a snippet of conversation from my outing to IHOP with my friends yesterday:

    Me: Yeah, my dad never let me watch Life of Brian when I was a kid.

    Pope: Is your dad religious?

    Me: Oh, no, he’s awesome.

    Me: …

    Me: Well, he’s a minister.

  2. CMOS ‘checksome’, heh, that’s so cute. Boards are so fickle, my one month old one will probably blow up any second now.

    Christians all believing the same exact thing throughout. Then we would be the first religion without any schisms, and that would make us all perfect, unquestioning, absolutely faithful humans. Would we even need a Christ then in such a world? Don’t forget that every true Christian has something in common with every other one, making a unified coalition: we got da Jesus. He broke the temple and now he’s going to break sin’s face on the cross.

    Blashphemy is what made JCS so awesome. Judas! The first candidate for the antiChrist, thanks to Dante and the Catholics! Singing! “Do you think you’re what they say you are?”! Give that boy a muffin!

  3. Sigh. Well, division is what you get when, across history, there’s Christianity being instituted as a national religion here, forcing all who are no where near a relationship with Christ to live by some of the basic laws of Christianity, and justify all their acts by it… (see: religious wars). Also, there’s the propensity to take what a Christian leader says as the “gospel truth,” in competition with the Truth, leading to all sorts of twistings of the Bible. People are just faulty. That’s why no government or church will function perfectly until Christ reigns.

    In cases like this, it’s best just to concentrate on how you present yourself as a Christian– how you evaluate truth and affect the people around you. And how you explain hateful “Christians” to the unbelieving. And live another way in front of them.

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