Though the title implies happiness, in truth that state continues to elude me. I completed my Geology paper’s first draft, yet I feel as if I have completed nothing: the mountain of work looming over me remains as tall as ever. I shall not list the sorrows; only know that ten thousand of them oppress me and darken the world in my eyes.

Also, I admit to have perhaps read too much Kim and Arabian Nights. As a final thought, does it disturb anybody else that big companies can sell radioactive waste from Hanford to farmers and call it fertilizer? Or dump some 350 million gallons of radioactive waste into Eastern Washington – to eventually seep into groundwater and thence into the Columbia River – and have no reprecussions?

– KF –

2 thoughts on “Hooray!

  1. Radioactive waste for farmers!? Radioactive waste for drinking water!? Welcome to Amerika! I still think we’re all being made slowly immune to radiation, because in the future “survival of the fittest” will be whoever can inhale the most fallout dust remnant and get the least genetic mutations.

    Is it too late to use my frequent flier miles?

  2. down with the corporation! Down with Big Business! Down with The Man!!! Mutiny! Anarchy! Riots in the streets!!!

    Oh, wait, I get $$ because of these people… ahh… well…

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