Last week I ordered Fateful Harvest, by Duff Wilson, from affiliate ElephantBooks. I read it as a senior in high school in conjunction with my Independent Study Environmental Science class and enjoyed it very much; also now I found myself with the assignment of explaining potential hazards to water systems in Washington State and this book could have had some applicable sections. The book itself, used, cost $2.29; I paid approximately $6 additional to ship it second-day, so as to get it in time to incorporate the material into my paper. Unfortunately, it did not arrive yesterday as promised. I felt rather disgruntled about this, because I paid almost triple the price just to get it fast.

Well. Today I checked my mail; lo and behold! a pink slip sat happily in my box just waiting for me to retrieve it. Accordingly, I went to the window and presented my slip, signed it, and was queried as to the sender. This is not normal procedure; usually they simply request to see the student ID card and give you a pen to sign the slip. The attendant explained that “there was no last name, so we wanted to be sure it was the right person.” No last name? What was she talking about? Well, I got the package, and everything came clear. The address was as follows:


Po Box 1927

PO Box 1927

Worcester, MA 01610

No mention of Clark University (Mom, take note: no e on Clark), or 950 Main Street. Across the top, in ballpoint pen, somebody wrote: NEED LAST NAME! In big red marker across the bottom of the oversized envelope somebody had written NOT AT HOLY CROSS! Frankly, after seeing this, I am plain impressed by the US Postal Service and the mail room workers. It took some sleuthing to figure out where in zip code 01610 this Katie with PO Box 1927 might actually reside.

Note on life: Most excitingly, Dad got a letter to the editor published in the Seattle Times! Read the one by Joe Sullivan about 3/4 of the way down the page. In Massachusetts news, the MA Supreme Court ruled to legalize gay marriage. In my life news, Eight days until Jess and Tiffany come for Thanksgiving; between now and then, I will begin and end stressing about my Architecture midterm. He’s giving us a study guide, thank goodness. I hope Jess’s piercing goes OK, and that she doesn’t do her tongue. I don’t know if I could stand to talk w/her in person if I could see & hear a tongue piercing (they drive me nuts. Ick!)…

– KF –

8 thoughts on “US Postal Service Comes Through Again

  1. Tongue rings drive me wild. And lip rings? And industrials? Forget about it. You only live once, so make like that The Price Is Right game and get all the holes punched in you that you can!!!


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