Death of a Family

I have never felt committed to a church in my life. Yes, I regularly attend Woodinville Alliance or Crossroads Bible(Baptist?) Church, but what connections have I there? I do not look forward to going, though I am happy to have the opportunity to worship my Creator; but I am not missed when I do not attend.

Crossroads Christian Fellowship was different. In that church we found family away from our homes, people willing to spend hours in the hospital with me, loving relationships, and a community (I can’t believe I used that word! But it’s true) of believers strong in their faith. This small group of people became our friends over the last year, supported us and “familied” us. We learned new East Coast worship songs there and grew greatly in our faith. They were more than happy to drive us places, to be pals with Ian, and to rush him home when he got ill over spring break. They mothered me and let me stay in their homes when I was too ill to take care of myself. I cannot express how comfortable I felt with the members of CCF: it really did feel like a family joining together each Sunday evening. For the first time in my life I began looking forward to church not only to worship, but as a time to worship with friends – a far, far more powerful experience than simply standing alone. In a phrase, I loved what the Lord lead Pastor David to do with Crossroads. I could continue forever, but the story moves on from there. Continue Reading >>

Notes from the day

Today marks the first major bill Ian and I paid as a married couple: the $7,980-odd for next month’s Clark tuition. Of course, the bill should have gone to Kirkland first, and we’re not sure why it came to Ian’s box. Still, paid. Actually we’ve paid $1,000 a month rent for the last 6 months. Also speaking of bills, I got a notice in my mail box today from my insurance company. A few weeks ago I thought I was sick (wrong), but I went to talk to them anyway. Here’s what the bill says: “Your insurance carrier requires the following information for each accident or sickness claim submitted.” Blah blah blah… and then it says, “For: DOS 10/13/03 Billed Amt $7 for UMass Memorial.” What’s going on here? I went to Health Services at Clark and talked to them, peed in a cup, etc. No going to UMass Memorial involved here. The form asks me to explain the nature of my illness, but I was never ill – I never went! Some things in the adult world are just beyond me. Continue Reading >>