I have mentioned my architecture class from time to time. Well, it turns out I somehow I accidentally enrolled in the Class From Hell, not Topics in -19th and 20th Century Architecture. Monday we take our midterm, which accounts for a disgustingly integral percentage of the grade, so I inquired quite innocently about a week ago about a study guide. Apparently several other students submitted the same inquiry to him, because today he came out with the Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary. Oh, hold that; it’s our review sheet! I am utterly convinced that this prof expects to be able to rattle off an architect’s name, date, & house name and have us immutably connect those with the slide on the screen in our minds. I mean, he will say something like “Mies van der Rohe, Glass skyscrapers, 1921,” or “Gropius, design for Fagus Factory,” and flash a slide up. I bend my head down to write the name, date, building, etc, and when I look up I realize he’s already listed six other name/date combinations and I’ve missed them. This study guide clinches it: I shall not pursue the arts in that form. If this class doesn’t get credited for my AP, I will cry. And take Finger-Painting. Continue Reading >>