Can’t Beat That.

Ian got up at 5:00 this morning, poor guy. Thankfully he didn’t take the long hot shower he planned – out of consideration for me! So sweet! He came back about 7:00 and we slept more until he had to leave for class at 8:45. Math I have reported on; Geology was cool. We did course evals today, which took up a good 20 minutes: some people do feel compelled to write a novel on how they like the professor and/or the class. Thank goodness for them, too, because they waste good class time! 🙂 Then she came in and gave a straighforward review of our last lecture plus a tiny bit of new material (did you know that a “groin” is actually a piece of geology terminology?). Because she couldn’t figure how to make the projector show her PowerPoint, she dismissed class about 20 minutes early! We did turn our papers in, and I sure hope she likes mine. I put work into that baby. Also, I fitzed with the projector and figured out that it didn’t know to look at the computer as an input. All you had to do was press Input, then Computer, then Computer 1, the OK. But professors aren’t always the savviest, poor dears (if only they didn’t give us exams, either). Continue Reading >>

Instant: Now You Know Me.

Today I present two quasi-profound thoughts fresh from my math professor:

“The proof for Taylor’s Theorem with Remainders is absolutely gorgeous.” I can’t comment on that one, not having taken calculus. The other one, however, is surprisingly true: “Stuff takes time. The slogan for your [the class’s] lives is ‘Instant!’.”

Instant. I feel lonely if I don’t see, or hear from, a friend every day. I feel slighted if I don’t get a reply to my emails within a day or so. And heaven forbid somebody ignore an IM! But there was a time when people spent years apart and exchanged letters every month or so. A letter – via what we consider “snail mail” because it takes so long. Too long, we say. It must be strange to be an adult who grew up before computers and all this immediate gratification. The world must seem to move awfully fast these days; kids don’t have time to just sit and talk or go for a walk – after all, we can talk on IM and I can get something else done simultaneously! In fact, Blogger offers an example: “Push button publishing for the people,” they say. Why should we want such a thing? Now people needn’t talk to me to find out about my life and what I’m thinking; all they need to do is check Semicircular Reasoning and voila! you know what’s up with me. But… but… is this all so good? I cannot deny that I enjoy being able to Christmas shop while simultaneously sitting on my duff and avoiding crowds; but is that better than going out with a friend and spending the day battling crowds, searching, and building a relationship? I cannot say that having lots of boxes from or ThinkGeek really beats a day out in the world. Continue Reading >>