Ian got up at 5:00 this morning, poor guy. Thankfully he didn’t take the long hot shower he planned – out of consideration for me! So sweet! He came back about 7:00 and we slept more until he had to leave for class at 8:45. Math I have reported on; Geology was cool. We did course evals today, which took up a good 20 minutes: some people do feel compelled to write a novel on how they like the professor and/or the class. Thank goodness for them, too, because they waste good class time! 🙂 Then she came in and gave a straighforward review of our last lecture plus a tiny bit of new material (did you know that a “groin” is actually a piece of geology terminology?). Because she couldn’t figure how to make the projector show her PowerPoint, she dismissed class about 20 minutes early! We did turn our papers in, and I sure hope she likes mine. I put work into that baby. Also, I fitzed with the projector and figured out that it didn’t know to look at the computer as an input. All you had to do was press Input, then Computer, then Computer 1, the OK. But professors aren’t always the savviest, poor dears (if only they didn’t give us exams, either).

On my walk back I encountered Kristin – oh joy, oh surprise, she’s still alive and well! She gave me a ride home, bless her heart, so I got back at 3:00 to find a huge bunch of pink, red, and yellow longstemmed roses waiting on the table for me accompanied by a card incribed with my name. I won’t lie to you: I cried a little bit, because it was the last thing I expected, and we’d already planned to go out to dinner tonight. Ian simultaneously completely caught me by surprise and made my day wonderful. I love him so much… *struggles to regain composure* Well he got home at 4:30 and we went to The Sahara on Highland Street for dinner. Excellent, excellent food, about which I could rave for an exceedingly long time; also quite reasonably priced and not busy at all. I expect we’ll visit there again. We dressed up nicely and to tell the truth the atmosphere of the place had me convinced for a while we weren’t in Worcester. It was a perfectly lovely date. I just have to say again: Ian is a most worthy and completely adorable (not in the cute way) husband, and I cannot imagine ever wanting to live without him.

We got back and I “worked” for a while; then at 7:30 Luke and Vangie appeared fresh from the train station. We raced over to buy tickets for Arsenic and Old Lace, a play put on by the WPI Masque. Third row seats! Eric was in it, and that’s why we went; he played Teddy “Roosevelt” quite perfectly. CHAAAARGE! The entire cast did a wonderful job, and in fact my favorite part was when Dr. H. Einstein (Jake) stands caught, with the policewoman reciting his exact description. She then shakes his hand, thanks him for prior services, and walks away. His face as he left stage was a picture. Everybody was exceedingly funny, and the whole thing went off quite well. The audience was kept laughing riotiously nearly the whole time. I loved it: I loved it! You may think you’re done reading this endless narrative of my day, but you would be wrong. Though the play ended at 10:30, Luke, Vangie, Ian and I had previously planned to stop at Tortilla Sam’s for fried ice cream. Which we did, because honestly who would skip that? Tortilla Sam’s was full of people drinking copious amounts of some alcohol or another, but they were quiet and we got our delicious food quite rapidly (for Tortilla Sam’s). It was wonderful also, the prefect finishing to an absolutely astounding day.

I am willing to bet that ain’t nobody can beat THAT for a good day.

– KF –

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  1. Yesterday, I got up around noon, got some breakfast, then started working on my game project for game class (I go to video game school). Then I heated up some dinner. Then I played a video game for about an hour. Then I continued work on my game project. Then I went to bed around 1. I think that was a pretty good day.

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