This is THE Day

Alright, admitedly today is *not* Thanksgiving, and I know that’s what everybody normal looks forward to. However, today is the day Jess and I have been counting down for since 60 or 70 days ago. Yay! I’m actually rather pooped already because we went to bed at midnight (aahh so late! 🙂 ) and I woke up ridiculously early. I wish I could tell my body, “OK sleep in today,” and it would wake up automatically at 10:00 or something. But instead it woke me up earlier than I have to get up during the school week. Cruel! But that’s actually not surprising because there’s an excitement factor as well, plus a nervousness factor with Tiff and Jess seeing each other for the first time in months. In fact, I don’t know when the last time they even talked was. I’m praying that they get along just great – or at least tolerably – but this could be a very strange and awkward situation. Continue Reading >>