Alright. Everything is OK. I’ve eaten some leftover scalloped potatoes (guess we didn’t need 2 pans after all), fed Tiff and Jess, and they’re around talking. We learned something about the East Coast yesterday: grocery stores are closed Thanksgiving Day. Jess had gotten in a tad late for a major shopping trip Wednesday night, so we decided to wait and shop Thursday morning. WRONG! Price Chopper and Big Y, the major grocery stores around, close all day Thursday – nice for their employees, I’m sure, but for us and the numerous cars that drove through the parking lot in hopes they’d be able to buy last-minute canberry sauce, it wasn’t so great. So much for that.

Ian made two pans of scalloped potatoes with ham – oops, too bad Z can’t eat ham, being a Muslim! It also turns out two pans was way too much; we didn’t even finish off one whole one. Tiffany made two pies: lemon merengue and a cheesecake in a pie tin (hence it’s a pie). Both turned out beautifully, especially the lemon merengue: perfectly goldened and quite lovely. Also exceedingly tasty 🙂 I was going to make pumpkin pies but we’d neglected to buy evaporated milk. How foolish of me, with Price Chopper being closed and all. No pumkin pie on Thanskgiving – sad. Very. But frankly the whole day was sad. Tiffany did a wonderful job and also made the mashed potatoes; I peeled all 15 or 20 lbs of them and would like to personally vouch for how many potatoes that is: a lot. Jess had planned to make stuffing, homemade cranberry sauce, and greenbean casserole but of course that didn’t happen. Instead she and I walked to Walgreen’s, which ironically was open, to pick up my new pack of Pills. The walk lengthened and we went up Pleasant Street almost to church, walking down West street back home. The whole walk felt disgustingly mundane and I talked too much. I always talk too much around Jess; she doesn’t seem to be able to talk about normal. Everything is too jumbled up for her to be able to just talk about the buildings we see or the cars driving by or how you hope the day will turn out.

About 4:30 Dan came over to pick us up because we had too much stuff to carry even between us four. We had: two pans of scalloped potatoes, two pies, two bottles of sparkling cider (Price Chopper brand, of course), and a bowl of mashed potatoes. Dan made the turkey and it was apparently quite good; I’ve never had much of a taste for turkey. He didn’t make any gravy though, so the potatoes were lamentably dry since they were made with gravy in mind. There was also a desert that Z made and some bread product with olives on it. I don’t know. We loaded our plates – Jess and I both very lightly, more of a bow to the day than any actual face-stuffing quantities. Then, most depressingly, we all ate while watching Goldeneye and ConAir on TV. Watching TV with our plates precariously balanced on a thrown-together table: that was our Thanksgiving dinner. We didn’t even pray because Ian doesn’t feel comforable doing that with non-Christians around. Then after we sat around finishing ConAir and the guys talked about video games, eventually starting a game of MarioKart. Jess and Tiff and I finally left because it was all so sad and meaningless and completely, utterly boring for us. Who cares about MarioKart? When Jess and Tiff and I got home Tiff wanted to play a game, but Jess and I both had headaches so we laid down. Eventually Ian came home and I completely fell apart, crying and feeling absolutely miserable. Jess and Tiffany watched Armies of Darkness.

We went to bed early. I don’t know what the others here did.

All day I kept thinking what it would be like at home with our families. I could almost see Mom and Colleen making mashed potatoes or pie; my MiL and GMiL baking away; going to Dana and Kevin’s in the afternoon and having lots of fun talking and being together as a family. People happy and content with each other, not perfect but at least eating pumpkin pie with whipped cream on top. And we watched ConAir. Makes me kind of not want to even pretend to celebrate Thanksgiving next year, this was such a sorry disaster.

– KF –

2 thoughts on “OK

  1. I guess the thing to do in situations like these is to instead of wish for everything to be perfect or like it would be in another place, make it what you can in your current place. I see a lot of potential for great memories there. A first Thanksgiving with your husband! That alone is something wonderful, and then to have the cute makeshift details of it all… I know you wanted it to be ‘perfect’ and everything my dear, but it sounds like it could have been a fun time!

    I’ll be thinking of you.

  2. Believe it or not, these will be precious memories someday; the goofiness of eating Thanksgiving while watching movies on TV, not being able finish food shopping, no pumpkin pie, too many potatoes, etc.

    Things never stay the same for ever anyway. Those of us back here were coping with the major change of having my brother absent from our gathering. Talk about crying–I could hardly stop yesterday; between crazy hormones, missing Brian, being concerning for Karlene and worrying about you and Ian. . . Anyway, God is good even though the world, because of sin, is pretty messed up. As Christians we always have that to rely on. I hope you will start to feel better soon. Love, Me

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