La Di Da Di Da

Church this morning was what you might call “a time.” We all went, me and Ian and Jess; walked through the wind and cold, unsure of if there would be any Crossroads people there at all. Happily, there were! Jason and Lori lead worship and Ify managed to get off working today. The service went long and my fountain pen ran completely dry after half the sermon. I think it was a little too strange for Jess because she really didn’t have much to say after when I asked. After church we went to CVS in search of a postcard. Atlantic Monthly requires we include a self addressed, stamped postcard so they can notify me of receiving the manuscript. Ironically, we couldn’t find postcards ANYWHERE. Too bad, because if I had thought of it I could’ve had Jess drive to Vantage and get me one from there to include (as if A.M. people would notice! Also the link is what I found when I searched Google for “Vantage, WA”) In the end I just cut the front off of a regular card and turned that into a “postcard” that I can only hope will actually go through the mail alright. I tried hard, anyway. That goes off tomorrow. Continue Reading >>