And That’s A Wrapp

I confess, I stole this article from Ryan’s blog. But it’s so very, very good – as only Dave Barry can be – that having it posted twice can’t hurt. Plus… They say copying is the highest form of praise (heh, heh). More later, after a crazy night of boozing and… er, well, board games and fondu actually.

– KF –

NOAA: “Blizzard!”

Wow, this is one heck of a detailed, if not particularly user-friendly, site. I checked b/c it’s so cold out I don’t think Carmel could dig a hole in the back yard if she wanted to! As Dad aptly said, “We’re living through a blizzard!” – because there’s enough snow on the ground to cover the grass. I love being home!

And life goes on, only I am feeling a little odd lately. Hope I can get Jess’s present done in a reasonable time; I felt bad yesterday when she had two presents for me and I didn’t have anything prepared for her. Continue Reading >>


OHMYGOODNESS JESS AND I ARE DRIVING ACROSS THE COUNTRY TOGETHER! It seems that everything’s really going to happen! Starting January 10th, the day after Ian leaves, Jess and I will begin our trek from Seattle, Washington to Worcester, Massachusetts via the least-likely-to-snow route. It’ll be a compromise between speed (need to get there by the 17th or 18th), lack of snow, and interest of surroundings. No driving though Bismark and St. Paul for us, no sirree! I keep vascillating between excited and extremely apprehensive: the cost will be high, it’s wasting my plane ticket, driving is just asking for trouble… But how often do you get this chance?! Jess will spend 5 weeks with me in Worcester if I do drive, but she won’t come at all if I don’t go with her, and I really, really want her to come back East with me. 😀 😀 😀 Anyway, that will be good so I don’t also have that week to just cry about missing Ian (though I know I will in secret along the way, and while at the apartment). Wooo! AND a car will be avaliable to me in Worcester in the least possible degrading way. I hate begging for rides from people. It’s so awkward. Continue Reading >>


Good news from the day! First, Jess and I are going tubing tomorrow! Actually getting to play in the snow is a pretty radical idea… After all, in Woo the whole point is to make snow go away. And on the plus side we have to drive into the mountains (real mountains!! More than 1,000 feet tall!) for 45 minutes to get to the snow. AND in the morning I get to see the Slover side of the family and I like them very much, so that ought to be fun.

Additionally, Jess and I may – repeat, may, dependent on her parent’s decision – be driving back to Worcester together. Not to get too excited, but that would be a perfectly awesome. I would budget $100/day for the trip, we’d leave on probably the 10th of January (shortly after Ian leaves; that’d be good so I don’t have time to dwell and become completely depressed) aiming to get to Worcester by the 17th. She would stay with me for five weeks and that would be so… Indescribable wonderful. My best and closest friend – being able to talk face to face with her while away from home – *Paroxysms of joy* Continue Reading >>

Dreams and Life

I have dreamed strangely – nightmarishly – lately, most recently this morning (hence today’s blog). But really the one that first struck me as awful was a dream I had the night when Ian, Luke, and Eric watched the Green Mile. Ian and I had some trouble that night, as he wanted to also watch Interstella 555, and I wanted to spend some of the evening with Ian. He ended up staying, and we made up our tiff, but that night I dreamed this. I may have blogged it before, but it’s relevant to my dream from tonight so: Continue Reading >>

Happy Birthday, Jesus

I’ve been thinking a lot about what to say concerning yesterday. It was far and away the best day of the last few months, and not because I got presents that I asked for. I think all I can really say is that this Christmas was the most wonderful one I’ve had yet because it was a chance to spend time with both our families in a loving, giving environment where we all could feel comfortable, laugh, joke, and be ourselves. The way I felt surrounded completely by lots of people who love and care for me – a reminder that I am, indeed, valued deeply – that was the best present I could ever have asked for. Continue Reading >>