Thunk, Thunk

“It’s funny how being alone affects a person. I rushed to catch the shuttle today in vain. It broke down at WPI on my way to Clark, so I figured it would be 20 minutes late to the stop at 11:something. I left class early, at 11:35 – :37 actually – but in vain. Waited until 11:50 knowing my making it to architecture on time would be completely hopeless. Either I walk through the freezing horrible wind 2 miles for the 3rd day in a row or I’m 20 minutes late to WPI. Great choice I have to make. I’ve tried to walk, but the mere thought made me want to cry. I loathe Park Ave normally and this is even worse. That’s when I started thinking about being alone. Basically… I have no friends and no life. Why am I usually so OK with this and suddenly it starts bothering me?” Benjamin Franklin said, quite truely, “Whether real or imaginary, pain is pain and pleasure is pleasure.” Here’s the question: who would have thought that, after writing that earlier today, my day would actually turn out pretty darn good? Continue Reading >>