For Jess

Maybe nobody else will understand this, but I am going to exercise my strongest self control and write normally today. Today has been supremely normal. My shower went freezing – and I mean I had it full hot and it felt like I was in the cold zone – as well as losing water pressure just as I put conditioner in my hair. Truth to tell, I still probably have some in there because I didn’t want to stand in colder-than-tepid water for particularly long. My teeth started chattering.

Math class positively infuriated me. We’re learning how to solve multiple linear equations using the Gauss-Jordan Elimination method, and as anybody who’s done it knows, that can take a ridiculously long time. At least it does for rather stupid people like myself. Anyway, it turns out the TI-83 WILL DO IT ALL FOR YOU. Yes, save you all that mental strain, all the chances of making a mistake are wiped out, and it takes about 30 seconds. Only… My calculator is a TI-82 and doesn’t have that function. I sat there fuming and making really quite evil faces at my prof – not that it’s his fault – and then I just wanted to scream. So unfair! Here I JUST bought a new calculator, and purposely got a TI-82 cause I like ’em so much and didn’t think there were major differences. Only now also it turns out the 83 will do this other series of complicated financial formulas that the 82 doesn’t. What a shame! I have to say, the final will take me twice as long at least because I have to slog though all these horrible mistake-prone equations and systems of solving them, when my calculator could be doing it for me quite infallably. Anybody want to give me a TI-83 for a couple weeks? Continue Reading >>


Is there anyone out there who is relaxed and content with life right now? Who doesn’t want to cry just thinking about the volume of work we have for the next 2 weeks?

Tell me there is more than what I see, for all I see is desperate students frantic about all the work we have to do.

– KF –