Today I was awesome briefly. I was puttering around the room, and Ian was conferencing on IM with his IQP group. We discussed briefly the benefits of his not spending the time in the library: his being comfortable at home, listening to music, being in my company… And then he looked at me and said, “Dear?” “Yes?” “Will you get me a glass of water?” Oh-ho, that’s why he likes being at home and doing work! I see how it is! Then, as I rolled my eyes, he added, “With ice… and a twist of lemon?” WELL! Ian knows me and didn’t expect me to do it. But we just so happened to have a lemon left from Thanksgiving: Tiff needed to grate its peel for zest, but hadn’t cut into the lemon itself at all. So I just smiled sweetly, grabbed a knife, and went to the kitchen, where I filled his request to a T. I handed the glass, lemon hanging sweetly on the side, to Ian and he absentmindedly said, “Thanks,” then looked again. And started laughing hyserically for a good 5 minutes. He loved it, and I laughed because it was so perfect. Continue Reading >>