It’s funny how life moves in cyclical patters. Years roll by; seasons come and go; habits are established. In school particularly the workload seems exceedingly cyclical: one week, maybe you have no work, but the next week you realize you have three exams and two papers to write. Or, as I found myself, you realize that next week you have all your final examinations and one paper due. Yet over Thanksgiving, I didn’t have any of the paper information to work on, the exams felt so far away as to not even be worth considering, and I would have described life as quite calm – aside from working on my Atlantic Monthly story.

Today I got my makeshift postcard back which I enclosed with my submission. Turns out finding a postcard when school bookstores are closed is extremely difficult! So I cut the face off a card and wrote my address on the back. The Postal Service isn’t too picky, as long as it’s got a stamp on it. What did The Atlantic Monthly write on my postcard? Nothing, naturally, but there’s a nice jaggedy stamp that says THE ATLANTIC MONTHLY on it. I guess 5 stamps was enough on that big old envelope. Who knows, maybe they’ll like the story! Even if they don’t, I’m on my way to collecting a fine pile of rejections in the grand tradition of Colleen and Uncle Gerard.

Everything got all melty today, a disappointment. The snow is quite pretty freshly fallen but quickly turns to sorrowful mush in the presence of too much heat. I took a couple pictures that I may post later. A new season means new photo-ops. No time for photography right now, though! Study, study, study for Marine Bio; and if I can’t stand that anymore, why I’ll just attempt to catch up in my Architecture or Geology reading – both of which I’m so behind in, it’s not even worth considering. Also in other school news, I took a math quiz today that wasn’t really that hard I didn’t think. On solving linear equations from word problems – fairly basic, just like the homework; but after 25 mintues (I finished in 15 or so, I think) only maybe 5 of us had finished the quizzes. The prof announced he was cancelling the quiz because he realized that nobody understood what the heck was going on. My stomach sank: I needed that 10 to up my grade! Then he continued and said that, if you’d turned the quiz in and got a 10, he would count it as extra credit. Sweet! So I kick butt in math again, and hopefully I’ll do so on the final exam (at EIGHT AM on Monday! Evil, evil, evil!).

The good news, however, is that a furnace guy came out and announced that some screw was loose – and he didn’t even know that we’re certifiable around here! Amazing perception in a furnace repairman. Presumably he tightened the loose connection (bwahahahahah! Nobody can tighten MY loose connection on reality! I like it the way it is!) as well as laying down something to soak up the remaining drips. So no more oil leakage for us, hopefully. Wish me luck: there aren’t enough motivated hours in a day for me to do what I need, but boy am I going to try!

– KF –

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