I heard that once your head has been chopped off with a gillotine, if you’re really unlucky there will be enough blood left in your brain to allow you to see your beheaded body briefly.

People are crazy.

Can sound waves fall?

Seeing the clouds today was just like being at the bottom of the ocean looking up.

Pain and pleasure are not for hoarding.

Pros: life; cons: death.

Any news handwritten beautifully is good news.

Other good news is: “Petition is approved for AP waiver. Topics in 19th and 20th Century Architecture offered at WPI meets the criteria for waiver of the AP.” Also, I did take my Marine Bio exam and it went alright. We shall see. She promises to have them and our papers – which we turned in two months ago today – ready by Friday.

I spent probably 10 minutes watching 3 squirrels hop through the snow in search of something to eat. The burrowed through it at times, dug in it, and amazingly did find some whirlygigs that apparently still had some nutrient value. Frankly, I think I’ve been a little spacey, because even though I’ve never seen squirrels in the snow before, they are hardly worth watching for a long period of time. I’ve also wasted a ridiculous amount of time basically just wandering around thinking “OK I’ll do this,” but before I get to the place to do that, I’ll think of something else to do on the other side of campus and head over there instead. As a result of this, I am putting myself under strict house arrest until I have studied all of Chapter 1 for my math final and found material in the two books Ian got from the WPL for me.

– KF –


1 Paper

4 Final Exams

10 Days to Seattle

16 Days to Christmas

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  1. Whirlygig was the name of the message board we used senior year in World Literature class. I’m shocked it somehow made its way into an actual commentary.

    You have achieved the near-impossible task of putting a smile on my face.

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