Does anybody have some motivation they can spare me? I haven’t even started studying for finals – which will, I guarantee, be completely awful – and I’m completely worn out. All I’ve been able to feel when I’m not studying is guilty for not doing it; all I can think about, dream about, is this stupid architecture paper that nobody will be able to edit. I feel rather resentful that I work so hard to edit peoples’ papers as fast as possible, and when I finally have one I need done, they’re too busy. I have wasted all today so far reading Three Musketeers, which is thick and long and must be finished & returned to the Clark library by the time I leave. (Whatever the site says about it looking like an open book, don’t believe them! My Arch prof actually talked about our library in class and asserted that it was meant to look like a copy machine with its case taken off. That’s what the architect said, anyway, and I believe that way more than the ridiculious nonsense tour guides spout.)

Where was I? Oh, having an angst-filled moment, which I assume will pass like everything. Right now I look forward to a long stretch of agony in the laundry room, waiting for our laundry to be finished as soon as possible. At 5:00 they lock the doors of the Daniels laundry room, but our stuff won’t be done until 5:30. Also I have to struggle alone to carry most of our laundry back because Ian simply must be at a PQP thing at 5:40 or so. No distractions in a laundry room, I suppose… No good reason not do get a distgusting amount of reading or math done, aside from the fact that the very idea of doing math makes me want to impale myself on a mechanical pencil. Actually the mere thought of life until Thursday the 18th causes me to begin weeping inconsolably into my keyboard.

Well look at that, I need to go begin my torture – I mean tenure – in the laundry room. Farewell. I don’t think this week will ever, ever end.

– KF –

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