Hum Drum and Theology

Today has felt quite strange. Ian got up and went off to class; shortly thereafter, I found myself laying in bed thinking “Why should I ever get up? I don’t even have class until 1:00 today.” However, I did drag myself out of bed and puttered around doing apartment-maintenance things until about 10:30. Then…commence the studyin’! Nobody wants to hear about other peoples’ life minutiae; suffice it to say, I should be studying right now instead of blogging. Anyway, the oddest part of today was the surreal feeling when I went to my WPI class. That’s when I realized I had 3 whole classes left (counting today) while all my Clark friends are done with their classes and have buried themselves in mountains of work. Also surreal was the feeling of not having to scrounge for a ride back to WPI “in time,” as well as not stressing that the shuttle would be late and I’d have to miss part of class. Continue Reading >>


Thanks to everybody who’s been helping me go over the grammar of my Architecture paper. If you haven’t may I ask why not? All you have to do is click the link and viola! you can instantly edit my paper! Oh how I love the internet!


– KF –