How long will it take you to solve this problem? The goal is to find the values of x1, x2, x3, x4. The rule is, input = output. Time yourself to see if you can beat the record. GO.

As another quick thought, consider how fast things go obsolete. Tonight my Marine Bio notes are worth their weight in gold to me; tomorrow after 12:30 I’ll want them only to burn. Same with all class notes in subjects not pertaining to my major (read: all my classes this semester). Crazy.

– KF –

12 thoughts on “Math Question

  1. I guess I don’t understand what the actual question is. Anyway, glad this one final is “down” with others soon to follow.

    We have our Christmas kids’ books out in the LR for your perusal and pleasure when you & Ian head back West for some real mountains and civilization!

    Love you!

    P.S. Hey, do you think that now Saddam will just tell Bush where he has stashed those darned WMDs so everyone can go home? I found the fact that he was caught hiding in a hole to be particularly amusing… with his position in the Iraqi bad guys’ deck of cards, he turned out to be a true “ace-in-the-hole”!

  2. What was incoherent about any of that? Your mum said ‘…he turned out to be a true “ace-in-the-hole”!’ and I said “Looks more like a Joker to me, now.”

    From a reference to Rocky Horror:

    Brad: “It’s alright Janet. We’ll play along for now and pull out the aces when the time is right!”

    Audience: “LOOKS LIKE A JOKER TO ME!”

  3. Oh… maybe I’m just pathetically uninformed…

    And considering how Saddam didn’t even put up a fuss about being caught (wuss!), I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that he spills the beans about the alleged WMD’s easily. Not that there were any to start with.

  4. He said basically that: you won’t find WMDs because there are no WMDs.

    No fuss cause Saddam knew they had him. Troops were seconds away from tossing a live one in his hideyhole, and he reconsidered the repercussions of getting Blow’d Up right in his house. Hitler, Ali la Pointe, et. al. chose poorly in his eyes I suppose.

    We all know what’s next. War Crimes tribunal a la Slobodan Milosevic, and the inevitable sentence to execution, not before Iran and Friends say WTF exile him plz!

  5. I was under the impression some of his “friends” rather looked down on his whole not-suiciding thing and aren’t feeling quite so friendly right about now.

    The question is, who’s gonna be the tribunal?

  6. Yeah, better off dead, as they say. But Saddam has his own reasons for stayin’ alive. Defiance unto death, proving once and for all there are no WMDs, example to the world entire. Who knows but he.

    Would a person in the world not be a hung jury already in hearing a trial for this man? We need twelve justice-seeking but fair Martians.

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