Oops. I just wrote this long thing and then forgot to save it. But it was cathartic to write, whether or not anybody read it.

Basically, I’m only updating because I want to update my countdown for a change. Because this morning at 8:00 AM I began taking my math final exam; 1 hr 22 minutes later I walked out, rather shaky from no breakfast (6:30 felt too early to have anything) and late-arriving adrenaline. I’m just glad to be done with math pretty much forever. There was one problem that had me rather stymied, so I wrote it down to share with the world (being you, of course). I’ll do that as soon as I get home and can upload the file. Frankly, I’m tired. That’s all I feel. Now I am going to go lay down in the icy snow and sleep forever.

– KF –


3 Final Exams

4 Days to Seattle

10 Days to Christmas

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