I confess this update is mainly for the countdown. Actually by the end of today I’ll only have 1 final left, but I also wanted to crow over the amazing circumstance which befell me this morning: Tatnuck Books at Clark paid me a whopping $67 for returning my books! They didn’t take the math ones back claiming there was a new edition out. Darn publishers scalping poor students.

Marine Bio didn’t go too badly, all things considered. I got out in 42 minutes and was only shaky on a few of the lesser-point-value questions. Despite my apprehension I also knew all the stuff on the papers we studied, and recalled that diatoms have glass in their cell walls. After the exam I walked around on the thick snow layer out in the quad, marveling at the fact that I didn’t leave any footprints. Nice thick ice layer… which isn’t actually that nice, cause it’s also on roads and sidewalks, imperilling our welfare every time we venture outside. The other peril being that I’ll perish before completing my geology exam, which begins in exactly 2 hours. Shouldn’t be too bad; I’ll update when I finish, because hopefully it will be another quick exam.

This semester’s finals seem much easier than any of the ones from last year. I wonder if it’s because my classes are actually easier or because I’m learning how to study effectively for them? Also, how can it only be 9 days until Christmas and I’m still 3,000 miles from where I belong?

– KF –


2 Final Exams

3 Days to Seattle

9 Days to Christmas

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