A title eludes me, possibly because by now my brain has turned into a complete pile of mush. I can’t say how tired I am of architecture. But then, 10 hours of studying it WILL do that to a person. Only I still feel like I really don’t know any of this stuff, not half as well as I knew the last test’s material. This includes that material and a bunch of new stuff – to list a few off the top of my head, Frank Gehry, Robert Venturi, Oscar Neimeyer, Eero Saarinen (also think: St. Louis Arch), Peter and Alison Smithson, Rem Koolhaas (yes, that’s really his name), Aldo Rossi, Carlos Scarpa (who?! I haven’t studied him yet, he’s just in my notes here), Jorn Utzon, Zaha Hadid – aaahhhh. The Just Make It End point is way back in the past now, probably fifty miles back, and I’m just studying because if I don’t guilt hits me like a 10 ton truck. What am I thinking?! I’m not studying right now! I must be completely… dead. Continue Reading >>