A title eludes me, possibly because by now my brain has turned into a complete pile of mush. I can’t say how tired I am of architecture. But then, 10 hours of studying it WILL do that to a person. Only I still feel like I really don’t know any of this stuff, not half as well as I knew the last test’s material. This includes that material and a bunch of new stuff – to list a few off the top of my head, Frank Gehry, Robert Venturi, Oscar Neimeyer, Eero Saarinen (also think: St. Louis Arch), Peter and Alison Smithson, Rem Koolhaas (yes, that’s really his name), Aldo Rossi, Carlos Scarpa (who?! I haven’t studied him yet, he’s just in my notes here), Jorn Utzon, Zaha Hadid – aaahhhh. The Just Make It End point is way back in the past now, probably fifty miles back, and I’m just studying because if I don’t guilt hits me like a 10 ton truck. What am I thinking?! I’m not studying right now! I must be completely… dead.

On a brighter note, Ian got exempted from taking his EE final for having such a high average on his other tests and lab grade – doesn’t get much higher than 100% last I checked. And he just gave his final presentation for their PQP class, so that’s all over and done with. Seems that they did well on their log book, and who knows about the talk. At least his stress level has dropped exponentially. And actually my motivation is quite low, only I feel I MUST be motivated. Ah well, back to the books.

– KF –


1 Final Exam

2 Days to Seattle

8 Days to Christmas

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