NOW break begins

I took the test. Finally, finally Christmas break begins! It wasn’t that bad, but I got really nervous beforehand for not adequately explained reason considering the amount of studying I did. Ironically, all the work I put into that study guide – somewhere around 7 hours – really was a major waste. Well, maybe not, because actually I knew a few of the slide buildings offhand, but of six slides he showed us, three were NOT on the study guide. Which annoyed me, but because it was open book, no major disaster. Stupid Alvar Aalto, I will forget your Simpronouncable Town Hall forever! The thing I didn’t appreciate was his lecturing us for an hour before the exam. Think of it: last day of class, we’re all jittery to be done, and what does he do? Put up slides of buildings in Boston! Postmodernism! Also before having us do the class evaluations he gave us our papers back – yes that one I slaved over – which raised questions in my mind about his sanity. However, I feel that unless I completely bombed the final, an A is likely in this class. I got an A-/B+ on the paper, and with the straight A on my last exam… Things look good. This semester looks to actually be my best yet in college despite all the tribulations. Continue Reading >>

This Is Me Inside

You know it’s bad when anything at all distracts you. I have checked my email at least 6 times in the last minute – yes, that is once every 10 seconds – but I’m so sick of this architecture class I can barely sit still to read and mark my notes. Hence a post (anything that’s not studying!) though I honestly have nothing to say except what I just did.

– KF –