I took the test. Finally, finally Christmas break begins! It wasn’t that bad, but I got really nervous beforehand for not adequately explained reason considering the amount of studying I did. Ironically, all the work I put into that study guide – somewhere around 7 hours – really was a major waste. Well, maybe not, because actually I knew a few of the slide buildings offhand, but of six slides he showed us, three were NOT on the study guide. Which annoyed me, but because it was open book, no major disaster. Stupid Alvar Aalto, I will forget your Simpronouncable Town Hall forever! The thing I didn’t appreciate was his lecturing us for an hour before the exam. Think of it: last day of class, we’re all jittery to be done, and what does he do? Put up slides of buildings in Boston! Postmodernism! Also before having us do the class evaluations he gave us our papers back – yes that one I slaved over – which raised questions in my mind about his sanity. However, I feel that unless I completely bombed the final, an A is likely in this class. I got an A-/B+ on the paper, and with the straight A on my last exam… Things look good. This semester looks to actually be my best yet in college despite all the tribulations.

Immediately afterwards I met Ian in the Campus Center to sell back my books, which after the exam became less valuable to me than the paper they were written on. I would like to burn them. And, disappointingly enough, I can still do so if I desired, because the people at the WPI Tatnuck Books only took one of them back. The other two were a no-go, and the one they took (Curtis) they only gave me $8 for! We paid like $50, and got $8 back… And now only $1 is left because we went out to dinner with Luke and Eric at the Boynton and it cost us a good $27 for exceedingly mediocre food. I don’t like the Boynton much, but it was worth it for the company and after all, it’s not like we have spent any money on food since December 6th … wow I just calculated that we spent exactly $2.34 per day on food for both of us.

The big thing that took up my day, besides studying, was Return of the King. OHMYGOODNESS IT WAS SO ABSOLUTELY EXCELLENT! I won’t say any more with respect for Jess and those who haven’t seen it… but it was ridiculously, completely wonderful.

– KF –

5 thoughts on “NOW break begins

  1. $2.34 per day for the both of you…well, all right. You win, you are the kings of budgeting. OVer the summer I averaged $5 a day for myself alone, and frankly I think that kicked ass. That’s what Tyler averages too, roundabouts, though I think he’s been getting better at it. I’m sure he’s nowhere near your level though.

  2. aggggghhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! I saw it!!! You’re right, absolutely AMAZING!!!! What about Legolas climbling arrows up the side of that Oliphaunt, eh??

  3. I can’t believe you said Oliphaunt. When I start mentioning “book-stuff” like that (the Istari, Frodo and Sam never being imprisoned by Faramir, and complain about how Frodo was supposed to be the Last to go to the Undying Lands) people just give me weird looks. So, ::gives weird look::

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