A perfectly lovely day. Church, the choir sang a Celtic group of songs (if German carols are Celtic…), the sermon was fine, and afterwards while Ian and I drove home the van’s transmission began dying in a most exciting manner. Ian’s dad came and rescued us in the Prius, driving the van back; rather frustrating now, as now is when they began needing the extra car most since Ian and I finally came home. Saw Dan at church, too, and he’s pretty much as tall as ever. Hair’s short and quite spikey. Continue Reading >>

Green Trees, Gray Skies

There’s something to be said for waking up at 6:00 am – it’s not fun. Got some Christmas shopping done today with Mom; hit Freddie’s and REI and I’m set. Jess and I were talking about seeing ROTK tomorrow, but I’m not quite sure I’ll be ready to see it again so soon. May just want to go for a walk or play some games, not spend more money and nearly four hours in a movie theater. I’m feeling rather… entertained out.

Today we went to Taproot Theater with my parents in law (awww I love my family in law! They’re all so wonderful and make me quite glad to come home). The play was quite good, about a Seattle family named the Carrolls. Actually it focuses on their servants and thus indirectly on the family’s fortunes across the two Christmases. I enjoyed it greatly, and would highly recommend it to anybody who has the opportunity. Continue Reading >>