A perfectly lovely day. Church, the choir sang a Celtic group of songs (if German carols are Celtic…), the sermon was fine, and afterwards while Ian and I drove home the van’s transmission began dying in a most exciting manner. Ian’s dad came and rescued us in the Prius, driving the van back; rather frustrating now, as now is when they began needing the extra car most since Ian and I finally came home. Saw Dan at church, too, and he’s pretty much as tall as ever. Hair’s short and quite spikey.

That meant that Ian shuttled me to Jess’s house and Jess shuttled me back to Ian’s. At Jess’s we played a bunch of fun games, namely talk a lot, Scrabble, and half a game of Clue. Her family seemed fine; she doesn’t like them much though they seemed nice enough to me. Then again, I was essentially a first time guest and they were on good behavior (barring Nick, who didn’t care if I was there or not)… So that was all afternoon, and when Jess took me back to Ian’s we played Fluxx with my MiL, who also dropped me and Ian off back at my house.

Now I realize today wasn’t actually that exciting, but it’s quite what I hoped for in Christmas break: games. No stress – except I’ve not wrapped any presents. At least I have them all for people though. What is it that’s so wonderful about giving people gifts? Our culture emphasizes people GETTING things from “Santa,” but the whole idea is to remember through our giving that God gave us the greatest gift of all. Let’s try to remember that, shall we, that getting stuff is simply the side effect of remembering that Jesus came into the world as God’s gift to man.

– KF –

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