There’s something to be said for waking up at 6:00 am – it’s not fun. Got some Christmas shopping done today with Mom; hit Freddie’s and REI and I’m set. Jess and I were talking about seeing ROTK tomorrow, but I’m not quite sure I’ll be ready to see it again so soon. May just want to go for a walk or play some games, not spend more money and nearly four hours in a movie theater. I’m feeling rather… entertained out.

Today we went to Taproot Theater with my parents in law (awww I love my family in law! They’re all so wonderful and make me quite glad to come home). The play was quite good, about a Seattle family named the Carrolls. Actually it focuses on their servants and thus indirectly on the family’s fortunes across the two Christmases. I enjoyed it greatly, and would highly recommend it to anybody who has the opportunity.

Normally I’d speculate a little bit, but I’m mentally tired… besides which it feels like almost midnight and is thus a good hour past my bedtime. No, that’s NOT pathetic, it’s practical. I just hope the apartment isn’t a complete pit when we – I 🙁 – get back. The idea of having a mess of dishes to wash as soon as I get back seems perfectly horrendous.

– KF –

2 thoughts on “Green Trees, Gray Skies

  1. Hey come on, nothing you did when you got here for the start of the year was fixing stuff I’d let go, I kept up the place as decently as one college kid could be expected to do, and I’ll be doing the same now.

    By the way, Travis isn’t staying the break, he had to quit his job, IM me if you want more details. Sorry I wasn’t around last night, going to parties without putting up an away message is one of my vices.

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