A day somewhat on the run, but at the same time wonderfully relaxing and equally fulfilling of my Christmas/at-home dreams. A long soaky bath in Mom and Dad’s tub this morning (it could be filled farther than up to my belly button!) with As Nature Made Him started the day off wonderfully. Mom and I played a couple games of Rummy 500, in which we’re fairly evenly matched I think; we each won one. About 11:30 Jess came and picked me up and, on the way to Zoe’s house, we stopped and bought $20 worth of candy decorations at Safeway and Albertson’s (both because each one individually had a dismal selection. Really.)

As soon as we walked into Zoe’s house she announced she’d begun the gingerbread-making and we dived right into the preparations. The time from our arrival to our leaving for LOTR was taken up with making the gingerbread itself, designing the houses, and cutting out the pieces.

Jess’s house was perfect, of course, but then she tries to make everything perfect. I used to be that way, in high school; in college I began realizing that nobody can be perfect. The best you do – if it is your best and not your laziest – can’t be improved on. Imperfections are what makes life interesting, for if we were all perfect what little unique touches would we each have? I don’t like a lot of things about myself… To list a few: my skin is too zitty and has been that way for the last 7 years; I’m too short; my waist is uneven – straight on one side, curved in on the other; I’m too fat; my feet are unevenly sized; my eyes are terrible; I can’t do mental math very well at all; I talk too much; I don’t have many friends, and the ones I do have I’m losing rapidly; I’m too serious and don’t catch or make jokes very well; I expect myself to be perfect too often; my physical appearance and clothes are lousy; I eat too much; I don’t exercise enough; did I mention that I continually break out and nobody else around me does anymore? I look like I’m 14 and in High School still. I guess that wasn’t a short list, but here’s my point: what good does a list like that do? Now I feel like complete crap, and much of that I can’t change at all. What’s the good of thinking of all this stuff, even if you say that you’re going to try to change it? So the question becomes: what good is that list? Yes, now I know what I don’t like about me even more clearly, but there’s no point because I CAN’T make my pimples go away no matter what I do (in HS I was so desperate I took a med that gave me a throat ulcer and kick-started my anorexic years). I can’t straighten my back to be evenly shaped. My eyes can’t be lasered because they’re changing so much still. *Sigh* Oh for a new me.

Anyway, I was telling about today! We went and saw Return of the King at Pacific Place, which was completely SWARMING – the roads were a mess of pedestrians; cars blocked intersections; it took us 50 minutes from Greenlake to Pacific Place when it should’ve taken no time at all. The mall itself was also a mess of people doing frantic last-minute shopping (I guess), and the line to get into the movie was quite daunting on its own. Fortunately we’d bought tickets ahead online, though not soon enough to go to a showing at the Cinerama, which is a really cool theatre. The second time seeing the movie was just as good as the first; its epic nature still impressed me greatly, as did it’s fairly good adherence to Tolkien’s Return of the King. Superfluous scenes, such as Frodo’s banishing Sam due to Gollum’s insinuations I found perfectly stupid and ridiculous, as was Denethor’s final fiery flight. His burning up while holding a Palantir would have been much cooler. So that took a long time, of course, but was wonderful. We got back to Zoe’s at about 7:00 and spent two hours assembling and decorating our homes.

The perfect house for anybody:

Avaliable from the grocery store for no more than $50! Designed by Ferguson & Perkins, the house is made of homemade gingerbread burned to a carefully chosen crisp that is guaranteed to hold up the most weight yet bend – not break – under stress. The roofs are carefully fitted and reinforced with doublethick beams topped with Necco Wafer shingles, while the chimneys stand mostly straight out of short Red Vines. The Dutch doorway opens invitingly, and surrounding the delightful property are shrubberies, trees, bushes, a small Smarties-stone path, and a chocolate bar bench. The whole building is tastefully ornamented with red candy and candy cane accents, the round windows give it a dashing, nautical feel, and the gumdrop ridge tops off the whole house beautifully. Inside find comfortable gumdrop furnishings suitable for all of life’s little qirks. Who wouldn’t want this house??

So then I came home to my wonderful husband, and Carmel, and of course family. Colleen is still *ahem*hahahahahaa*ahem* at the *ahahahahahahahahaahahahahaahahahahaha* LAN party playing Counter-Strike. I am endlessly amused by the thought of her in those jeans with gaping holes from one seem to the other at her knees, sitting at a borrowed computer, drinking copious amounts of pop and consuming huge volumes of sugar while teaming up to kill Sophomore boys. It fits Colleen so well, yet so few girls do it, that I’m glad she can have so much fun doing that. And now, I’m going to drink some cranberry juice 🙁 and go to bed.

– KF –

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