Christmas Eve has flown by, and though it hardly seems possible tomorrow is the day we celebrate for Christ’s birth. Not “Santa” giving presents, or getting lots of stuff. The birth of our Lord and Saviour is rightly marked by worldwide celebration: HOORAY!! Mom and Colleen made their traditional Happy Birthday Jesus birthday cake, which we have only once a year on Christmas day. Our gifts are all wrapped (exept one for dad, which I completely forgot to wrap and will have to do spur-of-the-moment tomorrow… haha…) and the Ferguson house is gearing up for a big gathering of friends and family and lots of people I don’t quite know. Everything is so very… clean… it’s almost scary! The gingerbread house I made is nearly eaten; at least all the good parts are. I’m preserving the “Dutch door” which Jess chastised me for (I took a bite out of my door before glueing it in place. Mmmmmmm yummy gingerbread), but I’m not really sure why. A girl has to have a few irrationalities after all?

– KF –

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