I’ve been thinking a lot about what to say concerning yesterday. It was far and away the best day of the last few months, and not because I got presents that I asked for. I think all I can really say is that this Christmas was the most wonderful one I’ve had yet because it was a chance to spend time with both our families in a loving, giving environment where we all could feel comfortable, laugh, joke, and be ourselves. The way I felt surrounded completely by lots of people who love and care for me – a reminder that I am, indeed, valued deeply – that was the best present I could ever have asked for.

Ian and I spent the night at his family’s house, sleeping in the Media Room on a blow-up mattress (that went flat halfway through the night… oh well…) It felt a little odd, because that emphasized how we don’t really quite have a place there or at my house when we sleep in the “guest room”, aka my old room. Ian and I gave each other presents first, about 8:00 am: I gave him the Star Trek Next Generation Season 3 and felt quite predictable; he gave me a PowerMate volume control, which was completely non-predictable since I didn’t ask for one or express an interest in owning one. Hahaha, well now I have one and that’s just fine. We got up, sort of dressed, and went downstairs. His family trickled into the living room and we all migrated to the Room Nobody Uses Except At Christmas. It’s a fine room, rather big and cold, but with the Christmas tree in it and a fire in the fireplace it feels quite homey. We opened presents: everybody taking turns in a nominal way, lots of laughing and admiring occuring, as well as many thanks being thrown about. I didn’t really have words to thank them when Deborah and Gary presented me with the new Shuttle computer (well, sort of computer) I’d asked for.

I gave Ian a pair of cut-off gloves he’s always wanted, new slippers, two little Star Wars Lego sets, and the Star Trek Next Generation Season Three. He gave me the PowerMate volume control, Sennheiser (sp?) wireless headphones, an incredibly cute little mouse cover, and a wonderful story about a ThinkGeek shirt he tried to buy for me. The story is this: he wanted to buy me a black I (heart) My Geek t-shirt, which would’ve been quite appropriate. However, when it arrived it was actually a navy blue All Your Base Are Belong To Us t-shirt instead. Darn! So he filled out the online form requesting the correct shirt and ThinkGeek obligingly overnighted another shirt. Only this one turned out to be completely wrong as well, since it was an ugly collared grey-brown man’s shirt that had 31337 in the corner. That arrived on Christmas Eve, so yesterday he just ruefully explained the whole story to the vast amusement of my family. Forunately, Dad and I also had something amusing to explain: how, completely independently, we both bought Mom dragonfly earrings. Fortunately they look completely different in texture and color, and I also gave Mom a cute little turtle pin to match the dragonflies, but boy did Mom get a kick out of opening the SECOND set of earrings. Also Colleen loved the shirt I gave here that reads “I Just Do This To Annoy My Parents,” which seemed quite perfect for me as her older sister to give her. I also gave her a a shirt with “Just Be Glad I’m Not A Twin” on it; I feel that sentiment quite clearly.

Also, we gave my dad, who majored in EE though he’s a researcher now, this shirt. It’s funny if you get it, as with all ThinkGeek stuff. Ian did a lot of shopping at ThinkGeek, and gave his Dad a Geek shirt and his Mom an Insufficient Memory shirt (hahahahhahaah!) Caitlyn we just gave a couple CD’s she wanted; Ian’s grandpa got a cool face-mug to add to the collection he has… He really loved it, exclaiming loudly over how real it looked and showing all the evidence of being extremely happy with the mug. Thanks again, Prince and Potter! From P&P; we also got a beautiful print of three little dinghys for Deborah with which we included a $100 gift certificate to a framing store; and of course the wonderful drangonfly earrings for Mom. We gave Dad several looong games of Risk, which should be interesting.

After all the presents had been opened – and boy there were a lot, with two families’ worth of work to accompany them (did I mention that Ben gave me throwing knives? Still my coolest gift! He also gave Ian a first-edition, illustrated, autographed copy of Robota, which is perfectly beautiful… And Colleen gave us a gift that’s right up there: a 1980’s Illustrated Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy! Oh it’s so awesome, and when I get back to Worcester I’ll take some picture of the best illustrations and post them.) – we found ourselves at my house waiting for 4:30 to come. Dad got Grandma and Grandpa Sullivan at that time, so we stayed to say hello to them quite briefly. “Unfortunately” (some things are supremely fortunate!) Ian’s family dinner started at 4:30, so we had to rush off and not be late to that. They hadn’t started eating when we arrived and we slipped right in quite easily.

All I will say about the evening after 4:30 was this: the food was absolutely excellent, thanks to Ian’s amazing Grandma and mother, but everything else felt horribly awkward and involved me not fitting in very well with the Ferguson side of the family. Slovers I seem to get along with well, but for some reason… Anyways, after listening to tales of “big” 3.5 earthquakes (“I thought that desk was gonna come down!” “I just sat there goggle-eyed, never got under the table really”), continuing education, pets on their last legs (that lasted forever!), and many other things I’d rather not recall, I finally beat a hasty retreat up to Ian’s old room. There I curled up with the Crystal Singer and stayed very, very quiet. Finally at ten to nine we drove back home and lo and behold, it had snowed a tiny bit. Well… not snowed like it would in Worcester, but if you looked really close you could see a bit of something white stuck to the grass and to cars’ windshields.

“Nuestra casa es tu casa… to a point” – Mom, to Ian, regarding bringing his GameCube here to play Mario Kart

I realize this is a long and somewhat… disjointed… post, but how am I supposed to sum up Cbristmas Eve (beautiful candlelight service at CBC as well as fun talking with Ben and he showed us this AWESOME game site) and all of Christmas Day in one post? Not possible! It was too loving and wonderful to be able to sum up in any length, and though I realize I listed lots of presents we gave and got, that really wasn’t the best part. It was the family aspect of it, the being with them and having that be enough. The Lord is wonderful and has blessed us unaccountably in ways I can’t even begin to express.

– KF –

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Jesus

  1. Dear Katie,Womderful comments on a wonderful day. You are very loved be me and Fred and are happy to have you in the family. We are always there for you, only need to ask if we can do anything.You fit in perfectly,Love you GMIL

  2. wooo sennheisers! That is good stuff, I’ve got a pair from Todd that he gave me on my birthday freshman year, and he’s Mr. Audiophile. You got wireless ones to boot! That’s very awesome. : ) So glad that your Christmas was a happy one. I’ve been thinking of you and my mom will be in touch to thank you for the help with the camera advice! (heheee now I have a camera so we can go on more excursions together! (and more often, considering I’ll be your neighbor practically!!))

  3. So glad to hear you had such a great Christmas! It must be cool to have two loving families to help you feel at home. You two gonna be at CBC on Sunday? If so, look for me, I want to see you two!!

  4. I think we’ll be going to the 3rd service… We’re housesitting tonight/tomorrow and we’re not sure when we’ll be able to get there. That’s the deal.

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