Good news from the day! First, Jess and I are going tubing tomorrow! Actually getting to play in the snow is a pretty radical idea… After all, in Woo the whole point is to make snow go away. And on the plus side we have to drive into the mountains (real mountains!! More than 1,000 feet tall!) for 45 minutes to get to the snow. AND in the morning I get to see the Slover side of the family and I like them very much, so that ought to be fun.

Additionally, Jess and I may – repeat, may, dependent on her parent’s decision – be driving back to Worcester together. Not to get too excited, but that would be a perfectly awesome. I would budget $100/day for the trip, we’d leave on probably the 10th of January (shortly after Ian leaves; that’d be good so I don’t have time to dwell and become completely depressed) aiming to get to Worcester by the 17th. She would stay with me for five weeks and that would be so… Indescribable wonderful. My best and closest friend – being able to talk face to face with her while away from home – *Paroxysms of joy* Continue Reading >>