OHMYGOODNESS JESS AND I ARE DRIVING ACROSS THE COUNTRY TOGETHER! It seems that everything’s really going to happen! Starting January 10th, the day after Ian leaves, Jess and I will begin our trek from Seattle, Washington to Worcester, Massachusetts via the least-likely-to-snow route. It’ll be a compromise between speed (need to get there by the 17th or 18th), lack of snow, and interest of surroundings. No driving though Bismark and St. Paul for us, no sirree! I keep vascillating between excited and extremely apprehensive: the cost will be high, it’s wasting my plane ticket, driving is just asking for trouble… But how often do you get this chance?! Jess will spend 5 weeks with me in Worcester if I do drive, but she won’t come at all if I don’t go with her, and I really, really want her to come back East with me. 😀 😀 😀 Anyway, that will be good so I don’t also have that week to just cry about missing Ian (though I know I will in secret along the way, and while at the apartment). Wooo! AND a car will be avaliable to me in Worcester in the least possible degrading way. I hate begging for rides from people. It’s so awkward. Continue Reading >>