OHMYGOODNESS JESS AND I ARE DRIVING ACROSS THE COUNTRY TOGETHER! It seems that everything’s really going to happen! Starting January 10th, the day after Ian leaves, Jess and I will begin our trek from Seattle, Washington to Worcester, Massachusetts via the least-likely-to-snow route. It’ll be a compromise between speed (need to get there by the 17th or 18th), lack of snow, and interest of surroundings. No driving though Bismark and St. Paul for us, no sirree! I keep vascillating between excited and extremely apprehensive: the cost will be high, it’s wasting my plane ticket, driving is just asking for trouble… But how often do you get this chance?! Jess will spend 5 weeks with me in Worcester if I do drive, but she won’t come at all if I don’t go with her, and I really, really want her to come back East with me. 😀 😀 😀 Anyway, that will be good so I don’t also have that week to just cry about missing Ian (though I know I will in secret along the way, and while at the apartment). Wooo! AND a car will be avaliable to me in Worcester in the least possible degrading way. I hate begging for rides from people. It’s so awkward.

Anyway, today was cool. Ian and I slept at his house – the mattress didn’t go flat this time (different one) – but my FiL woke us up at 8:30. Ick! However, after unsticking my gummy eyes and having a rather traumatic shower, I woke up enough to stumble downstairs. At 10:00 or so family started arriving – actually they all arrived at once, and the house suddenly felt full up again. Lots of yummy brunch food and loud, jovial talking (shouting?) followed, and at 11:30 I made my escape to Jess’s house. We scooted off to the mountains to go tubing, but changed our minds when we got there, deciding to just wander around instead. So we floundered through incredibly deep snow without any snowshoes or anything and had a perfectly lovely time. The sun shone with just a few little puffy clouds to emphasize the greenness of the trees, the blue of the sky, and the glistening white of perfect untouched snow. I took lots of pictures, some of which I will post when I get back to Worcester and have my new computer up and running. Hmmm… I’ll need help with that task… So we drove on back home, stopping at a car wash because driving in the snow is a mess. I called Ian and forced him to come play LOTR Monopoly with us (I was Galadriel!), which turned out to be a lot of fun. Jess’s house feels a bit odd: in some places a little bit perfect, I guess, and rather too big for my taste. You can’t easily shout from one end to the other.

Anyway, now Ian and I have the run of my house for a while because my family is off having a lovely time in Portland. Colleen got $100 and two full days at Powell’s Books: her dream gift, along with the symphonic orchestra recording of Les Miserables. Colleen’s been obsessed with that lately; over the summer she wrote an abridged version of the book… which is now about 400 pages long! Talk about reading a book critically; and Les Miserables isn’t an insignificant book. Whew.

So now break has been shortened significantly for me, and that saddens me. At the same time, the whole thing has flown by so fast this year I can hardly believe it: possibly in part because I want it to last so that Ian and I are together as long as possible. I wish it could be longer, and though it feels like I’m constantly giving so much up for Jess, this trip will also be completely awesome… I just have to overcome my terror of traveling and DO it.

– KF –

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