What a night we had last night! Yesterday was actually laid-back most of the day; it snowed in the morning so Mom and I went for a walk, I with my camera. We wandered around and slogged through the wetness, stopping to help some neighbor kids of ours make a snow fort. When we got home I read Jean Sasson’s Princess and disliked it. I hardly feel sorry for the protagonist, who keeps saying that women are soooo mistreated in Saudi Arabia, but her husband bought 4 villas, 3 airplaines, had a special limo converted just for her to have her first child in, and they constantly flew to Paris, London, or Cairo. Oh, you poor Princess, you have simply no freedoms! Your son’s Swiss bank account had $6,000,000 which you were allowed to steal and keep, because your husband can just refill it no problem. You spent over $300,000 on jewels to make your mother in law to love you. Poor, poor woman! Grr. I appreciate the fact that women may be oppressed in Saudi Arabia, but telling the story of an overpriviliged Saudi princess isn’t the way to emphasize that. Continue Reading >>